It's early Saturday morning and sometime during the night my two boys came up and snuggled on either side of me, curling their little warm bodies right up against me, I start to slowly wake as I hear the pitter patter of my little girl making her way up the stairs. She jumps in bed and immediately asks for kisses. I see the sunlight just peaking through the window and as we snuggle and giggle I dream of a fun filled day of stories and sunshine and the comforts of home. If you are anything like me, you love a relaxed day at home with your family, even if day to day life is a little crazy and unpredictable you relish in the little moments and the simple joys of life. The idea of getting everyone ready and out the door for a sunset session doesn't excite you, in fact it totally stresses you out. That's the baby's bedtime! It's hard enough to just get out of the house, let alone all looking our best. You desperately want images to show your love and connection, but you want to have fun doing it and have the images show a glimpse into your beautiful, real life.

Hi! I'm Michelle and I am a mother of three and parenthood is the best adventure ever. I love the simple comforts of home, a warm bed, a fire in the fireplace with our black labradoodle laying on the floor, a BBQ in the backyard while the kids build castles out of mud, a hot cup of coffee or tea on a rainy day. I am a snuggle addict. Sleeping in a bed with our entire family doesn't bother me a bit, hugs and kisses and I love you's are a regular part of our day to day interactions, and yes my laundry is undone and my bed unmade and piles of toys fill my home, no matter how hard I try, just like yours! I love images of our family that show our connections and real memories and I proudly display them throughout our home and they bring us all such joy! And I want to bring that joy to your home and family as well.

Click here and we can start planning an at home session just for you, don't worry, I'll handle everything, you just get to be you, isn't that refreshing?