A Time of Make Believe

Children have the grandest of imaginations. Somehow in the course of growing up we tend to lose that little bit of spark, that fire, that allows us to reach for the stars and see an alternative reality. I've always been a daydreamer and I love watching my children dream up stories, pretend to be someone new, see the world in a different light, it's inspiring and I love to help them make their dreams a little bit more real. To see their face light up when they realize that anything, truly is possible. This past week a foggy day took over our home and I knew the time was right for make believe, or as I told my children, an adventure. I grabbed my morning coffee and we drove around looking for a place to inspire our imaginations and boy did we find it!

The story of Little Red Riding Hood, the Huntsman, and The Big Bad Wolf

By the time we left we were cold, refreshed and inspired. If you would like to bring your child's make believe to life contact me today and let's dream and play together.