Introducing Baby M: Littleton Newborn Photographer

Standing there in the bathroom, arms shaking you stare down and see those 2 red lines, the third test you've taken, this is real, you are pregnant. You almost pick up the phone to tell your husband but instead drag your self to the store bursting with the fear and excitement of your secret.

You wander the baby aisles and it takes a whole new meaning. You look at the itty bitty baby things and put your hand on your belly, is this real? You choose the perfect little sleeper, blue with lions, in your heart just knowing it's a boy.

You grab prenatal vitamins, saltines, and ginger ale, maybe some ice cream. You go to the check out and wonder if the cashier now knows your secret too. Get in the car and pause a moment holding up that little sleeper in awe of what it means.

You go home and busy yourself waiting for your love to come home from work. He comes in and notices you're uncharacteristically quiet and goes in the room to change only to see that itty bitty sleeper on the bed. He comes out holding it "does this mean.... Are we.... Are you?" He stammers and you smile with your hand on your belly. He comes over and your eyes lock, he touches your belly with a slight tremble. "I can't believe it," you share I love you's and a kiss and sit in silence dreaming of what the future holds.

And now he's here and will fit in that sleeper for a very short while, but seeing him there brings it all back, those secret moments of love and anticipation and all things new.

I can remember like yesterday the emotions I felt surrounding my first pregnancy, such mixed feelings of excitement, fear, and anticipation. Sometimes the transition from a couple to a family is a bumpy road and sometimes it is smooth sailing. This sweet family came together so perfectly, the way they held each other and found peace, intimacy and joy was inspiring.

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