Mommy and Me Snuggle Sessions

Sitting in a warm chair, looking out the window, watching the big fluffly snowflakes drift slowly to the ground, daintily covering the world in white, a baby clutched to my chest a blanket surrounding us, I look up and see the fire blazing letting off a warmth that is somehow different than the heat of the summer sun. I hold my baby's hand and close my eyes taking in the silence and the occasional pop of the fire. The snow somehow bring a peace and silence with it. Have you ever stepped outside, early on a winter morning, and listened? The silence is strong, like any sound is covered by the blanket of white.

My inspiration for my Mommy and Me Snuggle sessions is this moment, the silence, the peace, the warmth brought about by a snowstorm. Climb back into bed, or lay on the couch with a blanket or two, build a pillow fort on the floor and climb in. Pause and take in these moments, taking the time to feel each moment. Feel your child's finger wrapped around yours, the warmth of their skin on a cold winter day, that sweet smell, so uniquely theirs. Close your eyes and feel the moment, connect with your child in a way we often get too busy for in our fast paced world. The snow has you stuck, nowhere to go, the world has found pause in the storm. Bring out the hot chocolate, or cookies and milk, turn on the holiday music and sing and hold hands. Run your fingers through the baby soft hair, kiss each finger and toe, these moments are precious and your very own. Simple and intimate, warming you to the core.

These sessions are all inclusive and make a wonderful holiday gift for the mother who gives her family everything.

When my son sees these images he asks me ‘mama will you read to me?’ and my heart skips a beat. I love that he relishes those moments as much as I do.
— Jennifer

I believe these moments are so much more than an opportunity to capture pretty images, but also an opportunity to fill your mama heart and give your relationship a space to feel refreshed and revived. As mothers we get so caught up in being better, doing more, but our children see us as nothing less than perfect. I want you to have something to look back on to show you the perfect love that you share, so you can never ever forget because at the core there is nothing more perfect. Contact me to schedule today, only 4 more spaces available!