A Rainy Day in May

On a rainy Saturday afternoon in May I drove out to the W family home. Driving down the bumpy dirt road, greeted by a large red barn and a coop full of chickens, the rain pitter pattered on my windshield, and the clouds loomed above threatening a larger storm. As I pulled up, some guests were just leaving. Mrs W invited me in and showed me around their lovely farm house. We started in the nursery, while mom slipped off to freshen up. Dad told me how he built his son's crib himself and his mom, baby F's grandma, crocheted the little elephants in baby F's crib. Every detail was perfect.


Baby F loved being bounced up and down by his dad and snuggling and nursing with his mom. The love between this sweet little family is so strong and the joy they feel over their perfect little man is clear.

I truly enjoyed watching Mr. W take care of his wife as she took care of their son. This is always such a beautiful transition to watch between couples. Mr W was regularly offering his assistance, bring her sips of water, and making sure she was feeling ok. They worked together as family as they cared for baby F and each other.

At the end of the session baby F took a bath with his dad. He had been a little fussy during our time together, but in the water a sweet peace took over. The rain falling on the window, as the two enjoyed these special moments as father and son.

I then left the W family to take a nice afternoon nap, the rain was coming down quite heavily by this point. I can imagine them all snuggled up resting their eyes and listening to the rain, such peace. I have no doubt this sweet boy will have a life full of memories and love and I am so grateful to have been able to capture this little piece.