10 AM Sunrise

I drove to the V family home late on a Saturday morning. My early birds had been up, dressed, and fed long before I left my home. I arrived at their home in Denver and texted mom that I had arrived, which is what she had requested. A few minutes later she came downstairs, in her pajamas to let me in. The entire family was still in bed, it was like stepping back in time to the beginning of the morning. She showed me around a bit and then took me up to their room where her daughter and husband were snuggled up watching shows on the iPad, mom climbed back in to bed, which honestly surprised me for a second. Then I realized, this is it, these are their moments, and I felt so honored to be allowed into such real, intimate family moments and I got right to work and it was magical.

Then little man woke up and joined us, he was such a joy. Snuggling and playing. Mom mentioned he had been teething, but I never would have known.

There was just a small light from a small window, but it created such gorgeous, dramatic light that accented their family interactions beautifully. Can you relate to morning snuggle time in mommy and daddy's bed? I sure can, and I know some day when my kids are "too big" for that those memories will be so special, such sweet moments. Everyone is in a good mood because they are fully rested, snuggled up in comfy jammies as the sun peaks in, slowly brightening up promises of what the new day holds. I absolutely loved the interactions of little man with his daddy. Daddies always bring out the big belly laughs.

Then we had some playtime with the family's new kitty. A fuzzy friend who had adopted them. He kept coming around and after a while of trying to find his home and not succeeding they realized he already was home.

Downstairs for coffee! And the V family was so sweet to even offer me a cup.

Brother crawled around exploring, and sister played, I even got a peak into her "I know I shouldn't be doing this face"

Little man loved playing with shoes and even tasting them, as any good baby should.

Then we slipped outside to "Swing really high" and ride bikes.

Mom and little man had an adorable playtime with her sunglasses.

It was a glorious morning, all so ordinarily perfect and lovely. Then I returned to reality where my kids had already eaten lunch and it was time for pre-nap meltdowns.