Never Grow Up, Dear Child, But When You Do Be Great

I had a blog post I intended to write today, but I just couldn't bring myself to sit down and write it. My thoughts too deep, my heart too heavy, so I decided instead to go with what's on my heart, be authentic with you, from my heart and soul, which is often a divided place, pulled in many directions, but limited resources. This is my heart today.

I built this business around my passions and heart and I hope my absolute love for what I do always shines through, in everything I do and say. I feel an unwavering passion for children, the beautiful perfect innocence of childhood. Their little details so perfect and easily forgotten from whispy lashes, to chubby cheeks, the way their eyes light up with an honest joy we so rarely see in grown-ups. Their words always true and their love always pure, to be able to capture a peak into this time of life that is so true and amazing and also the foundation for a life that has miles of potential. Will we look back and realize those days spent reading built an award winning author? That all those hours spent weaping over a stubborn toddler created a world leader who despite the struggles, did gain an unwavering respect for those he now leads? A young one always making messes or noises grows to be an amazing artist or notable musician? A child who lines up her teddy bears for play school, grows to be a teacher molding the minds of the next generation, pulling from both the joys and mistakes of her childhood to impress upon them how to do it better, to hold on to that pure innocent outlook that can only truly be found in the heart of a child? We can't help but think all this pure honest love and perfection is lost on the littlest too small to utilize it, but then I see it again. I see it again when I see the way a parent looks at his or her child. The mother who beams once again with that pure and perfect love when she sees her child take a first step or clap his hands, or say her name. That father who beams with the utmost pride when he helps his son reel in his first fish or he watched his little girl grow up into the amazing young woman he knew she would, reminding him of those days of his youth and his perfect young bride.

The circular connection in life and love and family keeps alive the sweet innocence of childhood and the pure love of a baby first peering up at his mother alive and well, in spite of the dysfunction, messes, mistakes, apologies and disasters we all come back to this place. I strongly believe that even if you have lost heart in your relationship with your parents, that when you have a child of your own you will still come back to that place of a pure heart with your child. There is a healing in that place, a healing that can never be undone. These three beautiful babies of mine have brought more healing to my heart than I dreamed possible and we love fiercely. When I hug them, I feel their love melt me. These children are my why.

three children photograph

Often times I get so lost in all the mundane work of running this business, from book keeping, to paying taxes, to trying to get my message heard, my heart known, that I lose focus. Hear my heart when I say I desperately want to serve you and your children, to show you this perfect love, to capture this imperfect time you never want to forget. I want you to see yourself the way your children see you, with that pure, perfect, healing love. I want your children to see their memories in a way that they can come back to that place and remember that time, when they start to loose their own focus in life. I want them to be able to remember those connections, their passions, their drive, as young children, so that they may have the passion to take them wonderful places! And I know, I just know it, that when they achieve great things, and they are standing there in front of crowds of people being praised for their hard work, their drive, their success, they will think back to those albums they flipped through so many times, and say without a second thought,

"I owe my success to my parents, who loved me fiercely, who provided me with constant encouragement to be better, do better, and grow. Who encouraged me to follow my passions even as a young child, I stand before you today, because they gave me a foundation for success!"

Sibling photography in the fall

And then again sometimes I have to pause and remember this truth for myself, to find that balance, to remember they are my why and deserve my full heart. I want to give you this beautiful gift, of remembering such a tender fleeting time of having young children, but I also want to give my children the same gift, the gift of beautiful memories, great love, and the ability to remember it, so that they can learn and grown and hold on to their childhood in a way that drives them to the endless success I know they are so capable of. So today my heart is finding that balance with snuggles and deep thoughts. You may read my words and think, gosh honey, they are just pictures, but if you hear my message and my heart you will realize they are so much more than that. They are your love, your moments, and a glimpse into a time soon gone. I put my heart and soul into my work and by doing so I hope I am able to put yours in there too. If you hear my message and it resonates with you then I would love to serve you, otherwise I will continue to whisper between the moments of building my own perfect love circle as well.


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three year old girl
baby playing piano
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