Spring Bloom Sessions

When I was a little girl we had a list of the first signs of spring, then we competed with each other to see who would see the signs of Spring first! The only one I remember, oddly enough, is the first robin of spring. Now, as time has gone on I've noticed robins make their appearance quite early, I saw one a couple weeks ago, then I realized there was an entire flock flying about the neighborhood. I couldn't help but get giddy! I called for my kids, look at that beautiful bird, the one with the red tummy, she is telling us that spring is coming! Fall is my favorite season overall, but I don't think any season makes an appearance quite like spring. Even if you love the snow and winter, spring is spectacular! The whole world coming back to life, the grass revitalized and green, the plants slowly making their way out of the ground, the birds chirping in the early morning, the warmth of the sun, the smell of a spring rain, it is absolutely spectacular! As I've grown one of my new favorite signs of early spring is when the trees begin to bloom, in Denver, Colorado they are typically pink or white and so beautiful! 


We had quite the winter in 2016, with the birth of my littlest love, it was a busy season of yoga pants until noon, oh who am I kidding, yoga pants all the time, way too few showers, too much take out, and just a lot of surviving. Something about the spring popping up around us made me want to get out and really live! I let me kids choose their outfits, nothing fancy, I grabbed a lovely pastel quilt and we went to City Park in Denver, Colorado for some snuggles. I had my brand new camera, the Canon 5d Mark III, and we took some time to just enjoy the change in seasons and make some memories. I told myself, that I was going to make images, but I wasn't going to interfere, I wasn't going to get frustrated because my kids weren't cooperating or looking at my camera. I wasn't going to interrupt their play time or tell them to go over there or do something cute, I was just going to lay out the blanket and let the day unfold naturally.

 The very first image I made that day

The very first image I made that day

It was a stress free day and the images are some of my very favorites. My kids really let their personalities shine through, we snuggled, climbed trees, walked around, no one got frustrated, no tears, just beautiful memories and beautiful images.


I really felt that I grew as a photographer that day, I took capturing authentic moments to a new level. I was able to sit back and let moments unfold and work myself around the moments. I was able to put the camera down and interact with my children, anticipating their movements, and calmly and decisively making a decision of which role to play, which is so important when you are a photographer and a mother, to make choices of when you will play each roll so you can be as successful as possible at both.


So I took what I learned this day full force forward into my business, my rebrand, my sessions, my work, and my mothering. And this day is so special to me that I wanted to do it again, but this time with YOU and your family making memories while I capture them in a beautiful authentic way, with the beautiful backdrop of spring, you can't go wrong!


For these sessions I will be supplying beautiful spring quilts, a lovely quaint tea set, my bubble machine, and La Patisserie Francaise in Arvada will be providing lovely treats for your family to share. We will work together to decide which, if any, of my supplies will be perfect for you, we will also discuss if you would like to bring your own fun extras for your playtime to make the session uniquely yours or you may choose to just be you and snuggle on a blanket counting the clouds, and following your hearts as we did that day. These are not mini sessions, each family will get up to an hour of my time, as well as full consult and design services for final art pieces. I want your heart to be full of love and memories and for you to be reminded of that each and every day.


These sessions are great for babies, toddlers, children, families, even maternity! The session itself is $225 and as my special gift you will receive a 8x10 print in a colorful boutique frame and the matching digital file. All other prints, products, and files are sold separately. There will be a no obligation wait list for these sessions that I will be releasing on Sunday, March 5. If you sign up for my wait list before March 15 you will receive special pricing of $199 for the session and framed print as well as get first choice on very limited sessions. Then the wait list will remain open until I begin formally scheduling sessions as I get a better idea of what to expect from mother nature. Please contact me if you have any questions otherwise please come back March 5 to reserve your spot for these very special sessions! The waitlist is live! Please click here to sign up! Thank you so much and I look forward to playing with you, beneath the blooming trees!