There are very few investments that will bring you joy for a lifetime. Children outgrow clothes, furniture wears out, cars break down, houses become too small for a growing family or too large for empty nesters and you will move forward in life taking with you only memories of a life well lived and children well loved. Fine art portraiture is the only tangible way you can keep those memories and pass them on. As your children learn and grow and go on to have children of their own you will be so grateful for this small window into this special time of your life. 

Making this investment with a true professional, like Littlest Love Photography, ensures the quality of your investment. I sit down with each of my clients for a personalized consultation. I want you to be comfortable with me before inviting me into your personal moments. We will plan a session that will be fun for your entire family as well as capture the memories that are so precious to you. We will plan every detail together in a simple and personal way so that you can be confident in the process and have a stress free experience. After your session, I will personally select and perfect your images and build a gallery of approximately 50-75 images for you to make your final selections from. Two to three weeks after your session I will return to your home and show you your gallery and guide you through the process of choosing the images you would like to display and how. I will use my expertise to help you put together seamless wall galleries, design heirloom quality albums, choose the appropriate size and display style for your space, or simply help you finalize your choices when you are feeling torn. There is no minimum purchase and no packages that will leave you ordering something you don't want for a discount, you order what you love and nothing more or less. I only work with the highest quality professionals to create your artwork so please allow 4-6 weeks after ordering for delivery. I can also offer complimentary professional installation for wall art, which is especially wonderful for wall galleries. 

Since everyone's needs are unique and my sessions are personalized, please contact me today to discuss further. I look forward to meeting you and your family.